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About Us​

More than 25 Years Experience with Quality as a Key Deliverable!​

Alea Evolution and Technology is a food chemical supplier and engineering service provider based in South Africa and operating locally and abroad.
Founded in 2012 by young entrepreneurs, it became fully operational in 2018.

We understand the importance of quality food production and with our extensive
knowledge and experience we deliver the best quality every time.

Our Products​

We produce the most reliable and innovative solutions for your needs.​

Sugar Process Chemicals

Flocculants, biocide, filtration aids, enzymes and decolourants.

Vegetable Oil Process Chemicals

Bleaching earth, filtration aids and white lime

Starch Process Chemicals

Filtration aids, biocide and enzymes

Water Treatment

Flocculants for municipality water treatment.

Get the perfect solution for your processing needs.​

Our Contributions​

Industries We Serve!​

Sugar Production Industry​

We produce best quality chemicals for both raw house and refinery sugar production processes, in South Africa and beyond.

Cooking Oil & Vinegar Industries

Consumers’ need for quality, healthy foods motivates us to be the leading supplier of vegetable oil and vinegar purification chemicals.

Starch Process Industry

We provide starch processing enzymes that significantly improve process efficiency and yield, and converting polymers to monomers.

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