Our Commitment and strategy of engagement

Alea Evolution and Technology is committed to our government's policy of black economic empowerment and skills development. We will participate constructively in the transformation of the country’s economy. We have an in-house technical know-how and management expertise. We have full potential to pursue opportunities on our own, but we are seeking collaboration with suitable strategic partners. The members of Alea Evolution and Technology subscribe to the principle of maintaining the highest ethical standards in business.

Welcome to Alea Evolution and Technology


1. Wine Process Chemicals - enzymes, yeast, nutrients, clarification, stabilizers, tannins and filtration aids.
2. Fruit Juice Process- enzymes, filtration aids, decolourants and stabilizers
3. Vegetable Oil Process Chemicals - bleaching earth, filtration aids and detergents
4. Sugar Process Chemicals - flocculants, biocide, filtration aids, enzymes and decolourant
5. Starch Process Chemicals - filtration aids, enzymes and detergents
6. Beer Process Chemicals- enzymes, stabilizers and filtration aids
7. Vinegar Process Chemicals - filtration aid, tannin and stabilizers
8. Mining – process chemicals
9. Flocculant for municipalities water treatment

Our Business Divisions Business Summary

Alea Evolution and Technology is a chemical company that distributes industrial, process and cleaning chemicals. With our industrial and process chemicals focusing mainly on Sugar, Water, Wine Vegetable Oil, Starch and Vinegar we have specialist expertise and resources in place to provide a state-of art program specific to our target market. As a young but leading provider of innovative process solutions, our management approach of application experts enables us to partner with our clients to deliver high-value solutions.
Combined with our commitment to environmentally friendly initiatives, we work very closely with our clients and communities to protect our world for the future generation. Our commitment is to provide chemical solutions to the municipal and food processing markets. Our experts work with our clients to improve cost efficiencies, comply with regulatory requirements, protect plant assets and minimize environmental impact while maximizing operational efficiencies.
In the area of cleaning and sanitizing chemicals, Alea Evolution and Technology has positioned itself as a competitor in the cleaning chemical supplies and services in South Africa. We strive to be the market leaders in the areas where we operate. Our range includes Innovation chemical and cleaning accessories and associated services to the industrial environment.
We are currently engaging a strategic partner who is a leader in the chemical manufacturing, whom we are striving to be a sole distributor for in South Africa. Our promise to our clients is a planned approach to add value to their processes. We also provide a range of equipment and accessories for better control and application of our products.

Social responsibility

At Alea Evolution and Technology, we have an obligation to: “Make use of BEE compliant entities whenever possible so as to ensure shared wealth, thereby promoting black empowerment. “Sponsor and engage in social activities with intent of ploughing back, particularly to our previously disadvantaged communities.

Our Team

Edward Williams: AET Technical Director and has 28 years’ experience as Technical Analyser and Sales representative in the field of chemical supplies to the wine, sugar, fruit juice and other process companies.

Jerry Sauls: AET Operations and QC Administrator has BBA (Unisa) and more than 30 years experience in business administration, operations management and project management across various industries including food processing plants.

Ronald April: AET Business and Accounts Manager is vastly experienced in financial management, taxation and business administration.